Does the Canon EOS 200Dii Have a Flip Screen?

The Canon EOS 200Dii is an excellent mid-range DSLR camera, but does it have a flip screen? If you’re looking into this camera, then perhaps you’re going to buy it for videos or vlogging.

The Canon 200Dii does have a 3.0″ vari-angle touchscreen, which comes in handy while vlogging or shooting videos alone. So the answer is that the Canon 200Dii does have a flip screen.

The flip screen is one of the essential features of DSLR cameras, especially for vloggers and videographers. Vloggers need to flip the touchscreen to be able to look at the live view of the camera.

However, the videographers often place the cameras in different positions while shooting cinematic sequences, and low-angle shots that flip screen is an essential need for them.

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Let’s dive deep into other details of shooting videos with the Canon 200Dii DSLR camera and answer some of the common questions regarding this camera.

Canon EOS 200Dii: How to Use the Flip Screen

If you haven’t had a chance to use any flip-screen camera before, then don’t worry about it. It’s easy peasy. All you need is to gently hold the flip screen of the camera and pull it from the right side. It’d easily open up, and you could bend it afterward.

Don’t apply too much force on it. Please be advised that some flip screens might open from the left side. So don’t always rely on the things you read online. The Canon 200Dii flips screen opens from the right side like most flip-screen DSLR cameras.

Keep in mind that the flip screens of DSLR cameras are a little sensitive. You might not want to pull it with force or close it off quickly. The more you take care of the flip screen, the longer it would function properly.

Does the Canon EOS 200D mark ii Shoot 60 FPS Slo-Mo?

Canon 200Dii is without a doubt one of the most affordable DSLR cameras for photography and videography. If you’re curious whether or not it shoots 60 FPS slo-mo footage, then let us shed some light on it.

Well, the Canon 200Dii does have the ability to shoot 60 fps slo-mo footage. So yes it does shoot. However, you need to know how to switch to the 60 FPS slo-mo setting on Canon 200Dii to make it happen.

Once you have taken the 60 fps slo-mo shots, you can either switch back to PAL (24 fps) setting or keep it to 60 fps for crispy-smooth footage quality.

Does the Canon EOS 200Dii Have Image Stabilization?

Since most of you know that the Canon 200Dii is an excellent mid-range DSLR camera for vlogging and photography. It’s one of my favorite DSLR cameras for vlogging. It’s lightweight, affordable, and easy to carry.

However, one of the key elements of video shooting or vlogging is image stabilization. If a DSLR camera doesn’t have digital IS or image stabilization, the wobbly footage looks horrible in post-production.

Well, If you’re wondering whether or not it has image stabilization, then the answer is yes. The Canon 200Dii does have the image stabilization feature. The Canon 200Dii body has the digital IS (image stabilization) and the kit lens has the image stabilization button, which takes image stabilization to the next level.

Therefore, if you’re going to make vlogs on the Canon 200Dii DSLR camera, then you aren’t going to regret it because this camera works like a charm.