Does Tamron 24-70mm Lens Have Vibration Compensation?

Does Tamron 24-70mm Lens Have Vibration Compensation?

The Tamron 24-70mm Lens does have vibration compensation (VC). It’s a feature that reduces the effects of camera shaking or vibration in hand-held photography. If a lens has a VC feature, then it means it’s a high-end, professional lens for hand-held shooting and low-light photography. 

A lot of photographers and videographers don’t know that VC functionality works best when the camera is hand-held. Therefore, if you’re using a tripod for photography or videography, it’s advised that switch off the VC option. According to the Tamron FAQs on their website, the VC may not work correctly if the camera is on a tripod.

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However, VC can be turned on and used even when panning. In photography, panning refers to the horizontal rotation which results in a motion similar to just like a person shaking their head from side to side.

How Does VC Work in Tamron Lenses?

The system behind this technology in Tamron lenses uses a three-coil system that electromagnetically pushes the lens element that compensates for vibration. As a result, it moves everything inside smoothly. No wonder this technical element is a secret to Tamron lenses’ compactness and durability. 

To activate the VC feature on Tamron 24-70mm lens, you need to turn it on through an ON/OFF button on the lens. The optimal situation for using the VC feature is always hand-held photography and videography. It doesn’t work very well if the camera is on a tripod.

Does Vibration Compensation Help in Videos?

I have been making videos with Canon EOS 6D for quite some time and took some photos with Tamron’s 24-70mm lens on the Canon EOS 6D as well. I think Canon EOS 6D isn’t primarily a camera for videos, even though it shoots the best-quality videos if you put on a proper lens. However, this setup is more feasible for photography. Furthermore, it’s advisable to switch VC off when the camera is on a tripod.