Can You Shoot 60 FPS Slo-Mo on Canon EOS 200Dii?

The picture of Canon 200Dii DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 200Dii is one of the best mid-range DSLR cameras for vlogging and photography, but can you shoot 60 FPS slo-mo footage with this camera?

Well, hold your horses because you’re about to find out about the 60 fps capability of the Canon EOS 200Dii. The answer is yes. You can shoot 60 FPS slo-mo footage with your Canon 200Dii DSLR camera.

Since we’ve told you that you can make 60 fps slo-mo footage with the Canon 200Dii DSLR camera, you might also be interested in figuring out how to shoot this type of slo-mo footage. Follow the steps mentioned below:

How to Shoot 60 FPS Slo-Mo on Canon EOS 200Dii

It may look confusing if you haven’t held a DSLR camera before, but you’ll be fine if you have been using a DSLR camera for a while.

Step #1: Switch from PAL to NTSC

To change the video system in your Canon 200Dii camera, go to the function settings by tapping on the menu button. Once you’re in the function settings, find the Video system option, and enter into that section. Then, switch to NTSC from PAL.

Now you’re halfway through the process, but the job isn’t done yet. Now take a look at step no. 2.

Step #2: Change Movie Recording Size

Once you’re done with switching from PAL to NTSC setting, the next up is changing the movie recording size. It would be highly unlikely to stumble upon the 60 fps settings without changing the video setting from PAL to NTSC.

To change the movie settings, go to the Shooting settings from the camera menu and look out for the Movie rec. size option. Once you find it, check out the various video recording sizes available at your disposal.

Anyway, opt for the 59.94p option from the list and save it. Now you’ve successfully selected the 60 fps settings. Feel free to record 60 fps slo-mo footage. You may have to slow it down in post-production.

That’s how you switch from 24 fps or 30 fps to 60 fps on Canon 200Dii.

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Canon EOS 200Dii: Image Stabilization

The Canon 200Dii is an excellent mid-range DSLR camera for videos and photography. Image stabilization is crucial to shooting silky-smooth footage, especially if you have a videography business or you make vlogs on YouTube.

If you’re curious about image stabilization, then the good news is that the Canon 200Dii does have digital IS (image stabilization) which makes it easier for the camera to make stable videos.

It doesn’t end because the kit lens of the Canon 200Dii camera also has image stabilization, which plays a vital role in making silky-smooth and crystal clear videos. So if you’d like to make vlogs on the go, don’t worry about the image stabilization because Canon 200Dii has got your back.

Canon EOS 200Dii DSLR Camera: Good or Bad for Vlogging?

If you are curious about using the Canon 200Dii DSLR camera for vlogging on YouTube, then let me tell you right off the bat that it’s a fantastic DSLR camera for vlogging on YouTube. I want to elaborate on why this Canon 200Dii DSLR camera is so good for vlogging.

The Canon 200Dii is an excellent mid-range DSLR camera that comes with a 24.1MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, dual pixel CMOS autofocus, and an EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM kit lens. Furthermore, it has 3,975 selectable focus positions along with Smooth Skin Eye Detection AF.

Additionally, the Canon 200Dii kit lens has an image stabilization feature, which comes in handy for making crispy-smooth videos or slo-mo footage. The good news about vloggers is that the Canon 200Dii DSLR camera has an external microphone input, which allows you to plug in your external microphone for better audio quality.

Lastly, you can shoot 4K videos with a Canon 200Dii DSLR camera, so in my opinion, it’s a fantastic DSLR camera for vlogging.